ServerRenderer The machine

In the background

For all tasks that can (or must) be done in the background, the Stylo-ServerRenderer is a good choice. Users can be presented with variants of the design in a flash or changed from one template to another without text and image loss.

The adjacent picture is a screenshot of the interaction of Stylo, Stylo-ServerRenderer and alfa Webstore. While the user is still entering his text, there are constantly updated variants of the ads to be seen in the recommendations. An example of such a connection can also be found on these pages try.

Imports and exports

Do you get data from partners that you need to import? The Stylo ServerRenderer supports you by inserting the transformed data into the templates. As a result you get a complete Stylo file and you can also create PDF, HTML or JPG/PNG files.

No additional costs

Best of all: The Stylo-ServerRenderer is included and does not need to be licensed additionally. This gives you the full comfort of integration into your ad system or self-service tool.