Typography It's the little things that matter

Font sizes

The font size can be defined with two decimal places in Stylo. In the basic settings of Stylo you can determine which is the smallest and which the largest font size in your system. In addition, you can specify which font sizes may be used for each text box.
Schrifgrößen nach Wahl


Only the fonts that you have installed for the system are used in Stylo - so no fonts are " smuggled in" from outside and can thus paralyze your system or bring you into licensing trouble.

The fonts are organized in so-called font pools and assigned to the templates. The font pool can be changed at any time within the document.

Only font styles that have been installed are also used in Stylo. For example, if a bold font isn't available for a font family, it is simply not available – the editor will not fake bold and italic fonts.

For the installation, both the WOFF file and a TTF or OTF file are required from a font. Stylo comes with a set of fonts, so you can start right away.

Around the font

At character level, characters can be superscript and subscript. A reduction and shift value can be specified in the document. Text can also be locked and undercut. Text can also be narrowed on the paragraph level. Stylo offers a range from 75% to 100%.

Of course, you can also underline text, color it, and assign a background color for a text section.
Typographische Funktionen

Typographic control characters and tabs

One of the subtleties of Stylo is that it comes with a whole battery of locks - these can be accessed either via the context menu or the keyboard. These include emspace, nspace and others. You will be able to use the fixed exclusions as well as tabs, because Stylo prevents more than one space from being entered in order to avoid errors. It is also not possible to inadvertently enter a white space at the beginning of a line. The tabs provide nice additional functions for this, such as a decimal character and punctuation.

The hyphenation is basically controlled by the paragraph format; with a desired hyphenation point, however, hyphenation rules and prohibitions can also be managed.