The Adaptable

Stylo works in different environments with different programs. It is open designed and all interfaces are well documented and are provided by us integrators. We are happy to provide support for integration into third-party systems.


Stylo is designed as a separate deployable web application and consists of a client-side presentation layer with editor logic as well as server-side storage and processing of documents. The integration scenarios provide for the embedding of a browser view.

Stylo interacts via a JavaScript API with the surrounding environment and via AJAX with its server components.

On these pages you will find a number of examples in which communication is demonstrated. Here you will find a typical example.


The second component in the integration is the Stylo ServerRenderer. With it you can create Stylo documents in the background, create output formats from existing documents or use the functions of the ServerRenderer to reformat Stylo documents.

The adjacent picture is a screenshot of the interaction of Stylo, Stylo-ServerRenderer and alfa Webstore. While the user is still entering his text, there are constantly updated variants of the ads to be seen in the recommendations. You can also find an example of such a connection on these pages: Try it!.