Decor elements Decor elements of your choice

From the font

You can use our Configurator to create drawing and symbol libraries that can be used as decorative elements for corners and frames. The following can be specified
  • the character or the text,
  • the font family,
  • the font style and
  • the font size.
You decide which characters are offered - but if you like, the user can change all values according to his preference.

From galleries

Another variant that you offer users topic-specific galleries that contain logos that can be perfectly prepared by you and can be easily used by the user. These only have to be selected by the user.

The organization is very simple: You can sort the logos in different folders or themes and assign one or more galleries to a template. The galleries are searchable via a filter.


Also very interesting is the option of giving users the opportunity to upload their own frame elements. The user can also specify the size and spacing of the elements in the display border or corners. Stylo takes care of the rest, like the correct fitting or a conversion from color to grayscale if it is a black and white advertisement.
Dekor-Elemente uploaden