The frame interesting facts about the framework

Frame thickness

The line width is defined with the right mouse button in the Stylo context menu. In the first place, you’ll find all possible line widths and you can select which ever one you want. Which line width can be used is defined by the configurator.
Perhaps the word "options" catches your eye. The dialog allows you to specify different line widths for the different pages.
Unterschiedliche Linienstärken
Auswahl der unterschiedlichen Linientypen

Frame style

The frame style lets you specify whether the ad frame has a special style, such as a dashed or dotted line. You can use this function to switch from a special line to the normal design or to switch off the line for the display frame.
On the left, you can see an example of the line styles that Stylo currently provides.

Frame colour

You can use the dialog to set the border colour for your ad frame. Stylo offers you either the possibility to mix a colour yourself or to choose a colour which has been handed over by the production system. If the order has been booked as a black/white display, a selection of grey tones will be offered.
You can select whether to work with RGB or CMYK.
Dialog für Rahmenfarbe
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